PC Clean Up Boosts Computer Performance

compuClean Up PC Boosts Computer Performance

The only way to free-up the computer disc is to clean it up. PC clean up is relatively easy to do with a lot of help from http://pchealthboost.postach.io/. Freed-up discs make faster computer responses. The system does not need to scan and browse a pile of stored files to look for the commanded file/program to open.

Windows has a system tool that does this. It can be accessed from the Accessories of All Programs. System Tools can be pressed and choose Disk Cleanup. When the prompt appears, click the C: drive. The computer will calculate the free space that can be regained. Highlight and press OK to free-up space. You have choices like the Downloaded Program Files and Temporary Internet Files.

Regularly cleaning the disk as in clearing the system of inessential files and making room for new ones is a fundamental maintenance job on computers.


How to Fix Blue Screen of Death Errors in Computers on Your Own

Blue screen of death error occurs usually on windows operating systems. You may be amazed why there is a sudden blue screen on your monitor causing the computer to shut down though everything was going smoothly. Sometimes the problem may occur in repeated reboots as well. There are some text and error codes also written over the blue screen. However, it may not be visible due to instantaneous flipping of the screen.

Basic solution: First of all you will need to reboot your computer and then press F8 key. Now, from the listed options select ‘prevent auto restart on error’ to stop the blue screen on monitor. Now, you can read the error and can find out its solution on Microsoft help and support center. However, it is generally quite difficult to tell the exact type of error whether it is hardware or software, so follow the steps below if it does not work.

If the solution does not work then try recovering your system through the backup CD that you have already made. This is why having a backup of your whole data is very important because it can help you in recovering the lost information easily.

How do you fix the blue screen of death error through system restore

In order to troubleshoot blue screen of death error you can restore your system. Since, GUI is not working you will need to do it by opening the command prompt on boot up. To do this follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Reboot and press F8 button.

2. Now, use arrow keys to select safe mode having command prompt option.

3. Now, you will need to log on as administrator that is by using admin credentials only.

4. At the command prompt type ‘%systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe‘ and press enter.

5. Now, follow the screen instructions to restore the system.

There is possibility that you could not open the command prompt window along with blue screen of death error. In such cases, you might have to check your memory for error possibilities. For this you can download a bootable cd ISO file named memtest86 and make a bootable CD of it. Now, all you need is to boot with it. It will auto start the memory test and will auto fix the memory errors on your computer’s RAM.

It is also possible that double RAM stick may cause the memory test to fail. So, after removing one RAM stick, try again memory test bootable CD to fix memory errors. If still the problem occurs then try using another RAM stick. It will let you know exactly which stick is corrupt.

By uninstalling recently installed programs

Troubleshooting of blue screen death error is also possible by uninstalling recently installed malicious software. This is because sometimes there is software that you trust upon though they contain viruses or malwares. They harm our computer and can cause blue screen death error as well. So, removing recently installed software might be a solution to fix blue screen of death error.

Common PC Computer Problems

Anyone who has to use a PC at work has certainly run into computer problems. From simple lockups and freezes to more serious issues including a dead power supply and crashed hard drive the list of computer errors is almost endless. Some of these problems can be easily fixed by shutting down and restarting the system but other will require the skill and technical know-how of a professional computer repair specialist.

Before you reach for the phone to call in IT support take a moment to review some of the more common computer problems and see if you might be able to fix the problem yourself. If the problem is more widespread, such as malware or a virus then you will want to shut down your system and get professional help from http://fixpcerrorsnowfree.blogspot.com/. People like to think computers are magic and will always work. However, these are intricate machines and when you have circuit boards, memory chips, software programs and applications loaded up its very easy for systems t experience errors and malfunctions. Some of the most common problems include slow performance, strange whirring noises, screen freezes and programs that are not responding. Again, many of these issues are temporary and can be cleared with a simple reboot but if the problems are recurring and preventing you from finishing your work there may be a more serious error occurring. When people refer to computer problems they are more often referring to problems with the internet.

The majority of work being done on PC’s is through the use of the internet and workers need to remember that the more browsers you have open the more power it is taking. It’s not unusual for someone at work to open several browsers at once and when this happens the computer is most likely going to slow down. Keeping an eye on your internet activity and closing sites and tabs you are not using often will free up your system and return your computer’s speed to its normal level. Unfortunately one common problem isn’t so easily fixed. Unknowingly thousands of PC users download viruses and malware everyday and don’t know about it until the system crashes. Opening emails from people you don’t know, visiting suspicious websites and clicking on links you do not recognize are all tricks hackers use to get a virus into your system.

Being alert while using email is very important since your system is probably networked to the rest of the office and a virus that gets into your system can easily spread to the server and affect everyone’s machines. Be smart when using your PC and if you encounter any problems that you don’t feel comfortable trying to troubleshoot contact a trusted IT solutions company to help resolve your computer problem.